Objectives of my work

I believe that the development and expansion of social and methodological competence are key requirements for future-oriented management.

In today's world, specialists and managers face a wide variety of challenges. My work helps them cope with change. Managers with strong leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility are crucial to the success of any organisation. The same applies to employees who are able to identify with their tasks, work successfully in a team and discover or expand their personal skills. I can support you in achieving these goals/mission.

My working methods

Underlying my work is a holistic, process-oriented and value-based approach. In consultation with you, the form and content of my events as well as their duration and methods are tailored to precisely match your requirements. The activities chosen help support the specific process, achieve the defined goals and ensure sustained success. Events can take the form of large groups, seminars, workshops and two-person or one-on-one talks. Objectives and key topics are developed in cooperation with involved parties.