Fields of work

Seminars and workshops on the following topics

  • Developing visions and guiding principles
  • Personnel management
  • Conducting personnel meetings
  • Chairing meetings
  • Moderation and visualisation
  • Presentation techniques
  • Project management
  • Mindful time management
  • An introduction to teamwork
  • Team development
  • Communication skills
  • Recognising, understanding and dealing with conflicts
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Work-life balance
  • Recognising your potential and applying it
  • Train the trainer
  • Putting the customer first
  • Trade fair training

Process management

  • Planning and executing of information (large) group events
  • Preparing, following-up or moderating steering/project group meetings
  • Training and supporting internal moderators
  • Initiating and facilitating team development processes
  • Method support (e.g. problem solving techniques/project management)
  • Supporting evaluation and public relations work


  • Developing concepts/procedures for meetings, workshops, large group events
  • Moderation of:
    • Team and project meetings
    • Crisis and conflict
    • Workshops and large group events
    • Conferences


  • Promoting reflection and (further) career development
  • Supporting strategic reorientation
  • Facilitating change processes
  • Support in conflict and crisis situations